Fusion Restaurants in Chicago

Asian Restaurant / Fusion Restaurant / Sushi Restaurant

Sunda - Asian Restaurant | Fusion Restaurant | Sushi Restaurant in Chicago.
Ayesha J.

"Sunda is one of Chicago's hot spots for great sushi (market-priced sashimi will make your heart melt!), fabulous cocktails, networking contacts, you n ..." more


110 West Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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Fusion Restaurant / Lounge / Restaurant

Rodan - Fusion Restaurant | Lounge | Restaurant in Chicago.

Party Earth Review Science fiction buffs will easily recall that “Rodan” was the name of a mutated pterosaur made famous in the Godzilla movies. The refined hipster patrons at this upscale lounge of the same name might be blessed with this morsel of movie trivia as well, seeing as the back half of the venue incorporates multiple audio/visual ... more


1530 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60622

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