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The Best Gastropubs in Chicago



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Sep 14, 2012 —  Where does one draw the line between a restaurant that serves a decent amount of booze and a bar that serves a decent array of food? It’s a fine distinction, to be sure, which probably explains why a lot of places that call themselves a “Chicago gastropub” use the term very liberally.

There’s still much debate on what makes a gastropub a gastropub, but Party Earth takes the standpoint that these are the kinds of venues where drinking is still the primary activity, yet it just so happens to exist in unison with an incredibly good meal.

In other words, these aren’t watering holes pedaling Schlitz and Chicago dogs – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but establishments that trend a little more on the gourmet side of the spectrum, with craft beers and rare whiskeys behind the bar and the sort of dishes that never see the light of a microwave before they hit your table.

Will you spend a little more at Chicago gastropubs that you would at the average bar? Of course! But if our following selection is any indication, it’ll be worth it. 

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    Fountainhead - Gastropub in Chicago.

    1970 West Montrose Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640


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    George Street Pub

    Beer Garden / Gastropub / Restaurant

    George Street Pub - Beer Garden | Gastropub | Restaurant in Chicago.

    2858 North Halsted Street
    Chicago, IL 60657


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    Public House

    Gastropub / Restaurant

    Public House - Gastropub | Restaurant in Chicago.
    River North

    400 North State Street
    Chicago, IL 60654


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    Longman & Eagle

    Gastropub / Hotel / Restaurant / Whiskey Bar

    Longman & Eagle - Gastropub | Hotel | Restaurant | Whiskey Bar in Chicago.
    Logan Square

    2657 North Kedzie Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60647


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