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Revolution Brewing - Bar | Brewery | Restaurant in Logan Square, Chicago

As Wicker Park, recently home to Chicago’s hipster royalty, began to price out some of the artists and musicians that made it trendy, Logan Square grabbed the baton. Now that Logan Square is the big destination for the arty crowd, its watering holes have evolved. Bars in Logan Square are unpretentious but have a serious focus on the little details: the music in the jukebox, the glasses for proper beer pours, and just the right not-trying-too-hard vibe. Guys in checked shirts and girls in cool glasses make these spots as popular as their equivalent fratty hangouts in more conservative neighborhoods.

Two big trends dominate Logan Square bars: old-timey mixology and onsite brewing. Intimate spots like Scofflaw and The Whistler bring back speakeasies to Chicago, once full of famed illicit hangouts during Prohibition. The modern versions are legit, fortunately, but mixologists stay true to the classic cocktail recipes from a century ago. The fedora-clad scenesters can enjoy their craft cocktails while surrounded by fellow Etsy-ers. Some of the concoctions are inventive, but patrons know they can’t go wrong with old gin standards.

Warehouse brewery Revolution Brewing satisfies beer snobs and keeps out finance preppies with its décor reminiscent of Communist-era Russia. Logan Square has plenty of guys with beards and girls in vintage dresses happy to pour in for local pours. For now, Logan Square is a hipster playground.

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