Emile Autumn Concert Oct 31, 2012 8:00 pm

Emilie Autumn
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  • Emilie Autumn
    Question, Plague Rats: If Emily knows that Anne is her sister, it is clearly only subconsciously. Do you think Anne knows? #AsylumBook
    5:41 PM Feb 11 via Hootsuite
  • Emilie Autumn
    “Some are born gay some achieve gayness and some have gayness thrust upon ‘em!” Quote from https://t.co/aSYkQ6PMJp “Gays! Gays! Gays!” Love!
    5:59 PM Feb 10 via Hootsuite
  • Emilie Autumn
    Editing Emily/Thompson, feeling embarrassed as love scenes show what the AUTHOR finds romantic. Seems I like to be photographed half naked.
    11:33 PM Feb 9 via Hootsuite

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Emile Autumn User Comments

Rich K. Oct 26, 2012
This I have got to see with my own eyes... gorgeous and divine, Yum! I'll see what I can do. ;)
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