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Five Hidden Gems in Boston


Wicked Spots Worth Digging up in Beantown

Bleacher Bar

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Jun 29, 2012 —  In any city, you’ve got the obvious things to do and you’ve got the not-so-obvious things to do. We’re not making a judgment call either way, but some people are definitely keener on the not-so-obvious side of things.

If you fall into this category, maybe it’s because you’ve lived in Boston your whole life, and going to some bar just because it was showcased in the opening credits of Cheers sounds about as appealing as watching the Yankees win the World Series.

Or maybe you just flew in from New York for the first time, and walking The Freedom Trail more than once sounds about as appealing as watching the Red Sox win the World Series.

Tourist or local, here’s a select list of some of our favorite hidden gems for you to check out. Keep in mind that “hidden” doesn’t always mean “unknown” and that “gems” is obviously very subjective, but we’re counting on the fact that if you’re reading this far, you’ve got enough innate curiosity to want to check them out.

If only so you can prove us wrong. 

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    Craigie On Main

    Bar / Restaurant

    Craigie On Main - Bar | Restaurant in Boston.
    Cambridge / Somerville

    853 Main Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139


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    Cocktail Bar / Speakeasy

	Drink Cocktail Bar in Boston
    Waterfront / Fort Point

    348 Congress Street
    Boston, MA 02210


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    T.C.’s Lounge

    Dive Bar

    T.C.’s Lounge - Dive Bar in Boston.
    Back Bay

    1 Haviland Street
    Boston, MA 02115


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    Bleacher Bar

    Sports Bar

    Bleacher Bar - Sports Bar in Boston.
    Fenway / Kenmore

    82A Lansdowne Street
    Boston, MA 02215


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    Bar / Live Music Venue

    Toad - Bar | Live Music Venue in Boston.
    Cambridge / Somerville

    1912 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02140


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User Comments

Anonymous Jul 28, 2012
Bleacher Bar is just cool. Are there any other stadiums in the country with a bar like that? I guess watching from the bleachers on the tops of the buildings around Wrigley is close.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
I'm not even a huge baseball fan, but Bleacher Bar sounds awesome. Are Yankees fans allowed in?
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