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Five Incredible Mixology Spots in Boston

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High-Class Boozing in Beantown

Five Incredible Mixology Spots in Boston

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Jun 21, 2012 —  Why are we talking about mixology in Boston? This is a beer town, right? Don’t babies get it in their formula from day one? Aren’t our pitchers sneaking pitchers in-between trips to the mound at Fenway? Hell, if James Bond was from Boston he’d punch a dude in the face for ordering a martini, right?


Savvy locals already know that the drinking scene in this town is just as vibrant and diverse as any major city, with no shortage of high-end joints serving up pricey concoctions and cool eclectic dives where the atmosphere is casual but the drinks are still refined.

And the best thing is, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in practically any part of town, be it steps from the ballpark or the heart of trendy Back Bay.

We’re not implying the following highlight spots are the only games in town, but if you’re looking for great bars in Boston with some ever-so-crafty cocktails, these are all perfect places to start. 

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    Eastern Standard

    Cocktail Bar / Lounge / Restaurant

    Eastern Standard - Cocktail Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in Boston.
    Fenway / Kenmore

    528 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215


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    Cocktail Bar / Speakeasy

	Drink Cocktail Bar in Boston
    Waterfront / Fort Point

    348 Congress Street
    Boston, MA 02210


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    Club / Lounge / Restaurant

    Storyville - Club | Lounge | Restaurant in Boston.
    Back Bay

    Copley Square Hotel
    90 Exeter Street
    Boston, MA 02116


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    Flash's Cocktails

    Bar / Restaurant

    Flash's Cocktails - Bar | Restaurant in Boston.
    Back Bay

    310 Stuart Street
    Boston, MA 02116


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    Green Street

    Cocktail Bar / Restaurant

    Green Street - Cocktail Bar | Restaurant in Boston.
    Cambridge / Somerville

    280 Green Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139


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Anonymous Jul 28, 2012
Drink definitely lives up to its name. I do NOT remember my night there at all.
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