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	Habermayer in Berlin.

Habermayer in Berlin.

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Sep 24, 2012 —  Ever since the Wall came down and the two sides of the city were reunited, Berlin has been at the forefront of a vibrant counterculture youth movement. And it’s not just the stereotype of crazy techno clubs in old warehouses that you have to look forward to, because Berlin has a seemingly endless amount of über-cool bars constantly buzzing with hip Berliners and international visitors. The one thing that all of the venues in the city have in common is that you can count on the drinks flowing all the way till morning. And luckily, Berlin has a 24-hour metro system to carry you home from whatever bustling neighborhood you spent your night in.

There were a lot of options to choose from for a Berlin bar crawl, but we thought we’d stay away from the over-publicized hubs and bring you to Friedrichshain, an edgy East Berlin neighborhood that is one of our favorite nightlife areas in the city. Now, we know that parts of East Berlin can still be a little dicey to wander around at night, especially when every other word just happens to be “die”.  So with that in mind, we're not having you stray through any eerie streets, and keeping you within comfortable walking distance of each of these four bars that make up our Party Earth Berlin bar crawl.

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    Hops and Barley

    Bar / Brewery

    Hops and Barley - Bar | Brewery in Berlin.

    Wühlischstrasse 22/23
    10245 Berlin

    030 29367534

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    Bar / Lounge

    Habermeyer - Bar | Lounge in Berlin.

    Gärtnerstrasse 6
    10245 Berlin

    030 29771887

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    Astro Bar


    Astro Bar - Bar in Berlin.

    Simon-Dach-Strasse 40
    10245 Berlin

    030 29661615

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    Palm Beach

    Bar / Tiki Bar

    Palm Beach - Bar | Tiki Bar in Berlin.

    Grünberger Strasse 55
    10245 Berlin

    030 97002255

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