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Partying in Berlin: The Alternative View of the City's Social Scene

Hookah smoking at Alarabi in Berlin.

Hookah smoking at Alarabi in Berlin.



Jazz Club / Music Venue

B-Flat - Jazz Club | Music Venue in Berlin.

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Jun 12, 2012 —  A more laid-back social scene would be difficult to find, which is hardly surprising in a city where dress codes are almost completely unheard of. Berlin is also lenient in other ways, since many bars and clubs support the city’s lax marijuana laws.

But what truly makes Berlin great is the variety of live music venues. With low-key jazz clubs, upbeat rock venues, and innumerable bars that regularly host bands, finding live music every night of the week is always easy.

In fact, after hitting a few of these bars and taking in the great music, the sociable patrons, and the comfortable surroundings, it’s easy to forget that techno still dominates the Berlin scene.

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