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Partying in Berlin: Fun and Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the City

Chilling on the beach at Strandbar Mitte in Berlin.

Chilling on the beach at Strandbar Mitte in Berlin.



Market / Outdoor Activity

Türkenmarkt - Market | Outdoor Activity in Berlin.

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Jun 12, 2012 —  Berlin is a great example of a Western European city that is at once both easygoing and exciting.

The hundreds of clubs, most of them with low cover charges, allow for spontaneous nights out that sometimes go until the next morning.

While some areas, particularly in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, are a bit rough around the edges, the city feels fairly safe overall, despite its occasionally chaotic appearance. The city is also rife with laid-back bars, outdoor cafés, and lounges where patrons can chat without shouting, not to mention plenty of down-to-earth clubs for those who prefer their nights out to be low key rather than cutting edge.

Throw in the museums and parks, and Berlin offers all the benefits of a European capital city – the difference is that the lack of sky-high prices means that anyone can take advantage of those benefits.

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