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Special European Beach Getaways

Special European Beach Getaways

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Apr 22, 2015 —  For many of us, lounging on the beach is the definition of the perfect way to spend time away from the office. Whether you prefer lying in the sun all day long and taking a dip to cool off or donning your snorkel and mask and floating on the water watching the local marine animals, you need the right setting.

But to really enjoy that perfect moment you first need the perfect beach and there are plenty dotted all over Europe for every requirement. 

For the nature lover:
Head to Quinta do Lago’s beach in Portugal. With two miles of golden sand, accessible only by a rustic wooden walkway over the Rio Formosa, it is the idyllic setting for those looking to sit back and enjoy nature at its finest, with aquatic birds, one of the largest populations of seahorses in the world and flamingos.

It’s also one of the best locations in Portugal for those looking to get out on the green with a 2,000-acre golfing and residential estate bordering the coastline. If you’re looking to make the move abroad it’s the perfect destination if you have the money to spend on a luxury villa - check it out here - and also enjoys a close proximity to the Rio Formosa Organic Park.

For those just looking for that perfect piece of paradise:

If you’re looking for a tiny piece of paradise then a trip to Calo Des Moro beach in Spain is the perfect choice. Reviews on Tripadvisor note that because the route to the beach cove is quite steep and poorly signposted it is best not to take children, so if you’re enjoying a romantic getaway you can pay a visit safe in the knowledge that there won’t be lots of children running around disturbing you and getting sand in your cocktail and favourite book.

While the beach is a tranquil cove of paradise it is a good idea to visit in a quieter season. Because the beach is relatively small and secluded it can get very busy very quickly and if you don’t arrive early you’ll be stuck setting up your towel on the rocks.

For those looking for adventure:

Jetting over to Greece now, where you’ll find the island of Lefkas and Eggremni beach. It is a challenge to reach the sandy shore, after having to locate and then navigate a bumpy ride down a dirt track road and finally make your way down 347 steps – so it’s probably best to arrive early in the cooler period of the day.

However, the trek is definitely worth it, once you reach the bottom and see the long sandy shingle beach stretching across the coast and marvel at just how few people venture down there, you will be glad you made the journey. It is so quiet you can find your very own part of the beach for you and your group to solely enjoy. In tourist season you will find a hut selling snacks and drinks and you can also rent sun beds for the day.

So wherever you are jetting off to this year, add these locations and their beaches to your wish list to improve your time away.

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