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  • Bar / Bistro / Restaurant

    Milk Bar & Bistro - Bar | Bistro | Restaurant in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Combining Irish hospitality and a little Spanish charm, Milk Bar & Bistro is an elegant spot with vintage décor, festive cocktails, and a hearty menu sure to please anyone tired of tapas. Run by an Irish couple who made their way to Barcelona via San Francisco, the classy and cozy space is filled with Victorian-style sofas ... more

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  • Club

    Otto Zutz Club - Club in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Though it lurks in the hinterlands of the city, the popular Otto Zutz Club nonetheless manages to pull in an energetic crowd of young clubbers from all over Barcelona for night after night of drinking and dancing. The club’s size is certainly its biggest draw, with three levels of kitschy chandeliers and disco balls offering ... more

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  • Bar / Cuban Restaurant

    Muy Buenas - Bar | Cuban Restaurant in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Barcelona certainly isn’t lacking in Modernista-style architecture, and such form is in full effect at quiet El Raval watering hole Muy Buenas – though most people show up to taste the Cuban staff’s signature mojitos rather than to ogle examples of art nouveau. Open for breakfast throughout much ... more

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  • Art Gallery / Bar / Café

    Lletraferit - Art Gallery | Bar | Café in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Coffee, tea, books, and art are the core ingredients at Lletraferit, all folded inside a spoken-word burrito and topped off with a hearty dollop of cocktails. The front room offers a great view onto the narrow but always bustling Joaquín Costa Street, at the same time shielding patrons from city noise, making it an ideal ... more

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  • Club / Music Venue

    Sala Apolo - Club | Music Venue in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Catering to Barcelona’s punk and alternative population, Sala Apolo is an animated club and live music venue that is packed virtually every night with the city’s young rebels, rockers, and ravers. The week starts off with a bang on Monday, when the exuberant Anti-Karaoke event is followed by the even more raucous Nasty ... more

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  • Club / Flamenco Bar / Jazz Club / Live Music Venue

    Jamboree - Club | Flamenco Bar | Jazz Club | Live Music Venue in Barcelona.

    Party Earth Review Having hosted such legends as Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald, Jamboree is steeped in jazz history and firmly holds its place as one of Barcelona’s best live music venues, especially since bebop and Bossa Nova are hardly all to be had here. Patrons of all ages arrive in droves for the nightly concerts, which take place ... more

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One thing’s for sure about most bars and clubs in Barcelona: they get going late and go till the wee hours. Dance floors are usually packed by 3am and stay that way till dawn, while cerveserias (bars) reverberate with the noisy chatter of customers hustling for seats and service.

Las Ramblas is a great place to start off the nightlife, as throngs of dressed-up night owls pop in and out of the area’s lounges and bars and clubs on their way to the evening’s final destination. Popular venues include coctelerías (cocktail bars), whiskerias (whiskey bars), xampanyerias (sparkling wine bars), and many beer halls.

More relaxed and less touristy neighborhood pubs can be found along the outer districts of Barcelona, where the center’s frenetic pace gives way to a more tranquil way of life, while a vibrant gay scene has found a home in the neighborhood of L'Eixample.

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