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Jun 28, 2012 —  So long, rock gods! The DJ is the new king of the music world.  

The last few years have witnessed an explosion of electronic dance music (EDM) onto the mainstream music scene, and everyone from the hottest divas to the biggest record labels are paying a premium for the latest electronic DJ tracks (for better or for worse is up to you).

This is the age where 250,000 tickets to the Electric Daisy Carnival sell out in ten minutes, electro artists are paid more than pop-stars, and millions worldwide hang posters and make Kandi bracelets of their favorite DJ. The most exclusive clubs on the planet, meanwhile, shell out tens of thousands of dollars to bring in the top mixers whose blends of house, trance, jungle, drum & bass, and dubstep leave sell-out crowds satisfied and begging for more. 

Whether it’s performing for a hundred thousand neon-clad fans with pupils the size of saucers while wearing a flashing LCD mouse head, or releasing a new set to a screaming Ibiza nightclub in the middle of summer, the best in the world are much more than just disc jockeys moving the pitch slider between tracks. These top five DJs are artists, producers, and entertainers, who – depending on your love of EDM and its subculture – put on life-changing shows for the millions of fans that follow them.

  • 1


    Progressive House / Electro House / Trance

  • 2

    Armin van Buuren


    Armin van Buuren
  • 3


    House / Progressive House / Deep House

  • 4


    Trance / Progressive House / Electro House

  • 5


    Dubstep / Electro House


User Comments

Anonymous Aug 19, 2012
DJ Danny Stern out of Miami should be on the list
Shirish J. Jul 31, 2012
Anonymous Jul 31, 2012
A State of Trance 600 is near! I hope he comes to LA again :)
Anonymous Jul 31, 2012
Hopefully, the next list will have Arty in it! I think he's the best of the all the upcoming DJ's! His new radio show 'Together We Are' is pretty awesome too!
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
After witnessing Kaskade's LA set it had very little diversity from his previous sets at Coachella and EDC. Diplo on the other hand always plays new tracks, seamlessly mixes electro, dubstep, trap, moombah, top 40, and rap, AND creates a beautiful experience each time he plays. How can you not get a warm and fuzzy feeling when Diplo's dances jump off ladders to dagger one another? I dare you to go to one of his shows and not express yourself
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
Anonymous Jul 29, 2012
What kind of name is this - Digweed? Is this a joke?
Matt Y. Jul 27, 2012
Two words: Daft. Punk.
Victor H. Jul 27, 2012
What?! Where is DJ Jazzy Jeff?! On a more serious note seeing Tiësto close Coachella was a great experience but I get the feeling the people next to me, under the influence of some drug called ecstacy (?), had an even better experience.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
AGREED!! I'm seeing them for the third (and sadly final) time in september!
Paula P. Jul 27, 2012
An ex boyfriend of mine loved techno so I listened to a lot of it in preparation to go to HARD with him but sold my ticket last minute. We broke up, but I did discover a pretty awesome Bloody Beet Roots song.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
What about Paris Hilton...or Madonna? I heard Deadmau5 loved her set at ULTRA.
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
It's too bad that Swedish House Mafia is breaking up. Otherwise, I'd say they need to be on here.
Nisha S. Jul 26, 2012
So excited for Kaskade's show this Friday at the Staples Center!!
Sridevi R. Jul 26, 2012
Armin plays 12-hour sets... he's a boss
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
All I'm going to say is that I was at a club in Los Angeles and saw Avicii live. He had one hand up the whole time moving with the beats, and his other hand was pushing buttons. It was like every DJ in every club, I've ever seen, ever. I guess that means I'm glad he's not on this list?
Deepak H. Jul 26, 2012
Tiesto..Enuff said!
Anonymous Jul 25, 2012
Check this out! ( ... Geek Paradise!
Anonymous Jul 25, 2012
Where is Digweed?
Anonymous Jul 25, 2012
No top DJ list is complete without Digweed --- he needs to be on here.
Shirish J. Jul 25, 2012
Deadmau5 is awesome, but hands down Armin Van Buuren is the best!
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