Party Tricks That Will Get You Noticed

Party Tricks That Will Get You Noticed

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Mar 13, 2014 —  Sometimes at a dinner or house party you need a trick or two to help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd. It's always good to have a trick up your sleeve in case the need to show off arises.

Cocktail Making
Cocktails are often just reserved for nights out on the town so consider how your guests will feel when you start flipping glasses around, pulling out bright coloured ingredients and mixing drinks. You'll need some practice as well as a few tools. A cream charger from Cream Chargers Direct will help you decorate your cocktails (and make them look amazing in the process). You'll also need a mixer, muddler, stirrers and some pretty glasses.

Halve an Apple With Your Hands
This is a fairly easy trick that looks really impressive. All you have to do is place an apple at the fleshy part of your hand and grip it tightly with your thumbs above the top of the apple. Press firmly with a rolling motion from the fleshy part of your hand up to your thumb. The apple should split in half. Check out the full instructions with pictures here.

Party Magic
The easiest magic trick to perform at a party is called Dark Magic. You go out of the room and one person will point out an item to everyone else. They leave it in its place and when you come back you can correctly identify it.

This is all about having a helper who is in on the trick. Before hand you should choose a friend to help you and agree on a colour they should touch before going to the selected item.

You ask someone to be the chooser then you pick your own helper. Leave the room, let the item be picked then return. Ask your helper to begin pointing to items so you can say when they point to the correct item. When they point to something in your pre-agreed colour (usually black), you know the next item coming is the secretly chosen thing.

Beer Glass Measuring Trick
This doesn't work for every beer glass so check in secret before betting any money on this. With a lot of glasses you'll find that the circumference of the rim is equal to the height. Use a piece of string to measure both and show your friends. There’s more detail on this trick in this article by the Toronto Sun.

If you have this skill then you're going to be a hit at parties. If you've found that you can do accents quite well then it's worth practicing. Watch videos of the person you want to impersonate, you'll be able to get more of an idea of their tone and inflections. It's not just about how they sound but also about how they move and act too. Practice as much as you can and build up a bank of impressions you can use to impress people at parties.

Another great trick is to impersonate your friends. This works very well at parties where everyone knows one another.

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