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	Berlin Marathon

Berlin Marathon

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Jan 21, 2013 —  Europeans are fit, which is amazing when you consider all the smoking, drinking, and eating of fourteen pounds of cheese at lunch.

How does everyone live to be a hundred?

Maybe all the great races in Europe have something to do with it, because there are a ton of them to choose from every year, ranging from knee-shattering full marathons to fun afternoon jogs perfect for the whole family.

It doesn’t matter which country you find yourself in or what time of year it is, as chances are good there’s a race nearby to take part in. And the best part is that many of them double as a great way to explore the city, especially if it's your first time there.

Check out our collection of cool races in Europe. We’ll bet a slab of gruyere you’ll find one perfect for you!

  • TCS Amsterdam Marathon

    Running / Sports Every Year in October

    TCS Amsterdam Marathon - Running | Sports in Amsterdam.
    Amsterdam Olympisch Stadion

    Olympisch Stadion 21
    1076 DE Amsterdam

    20 305 8000

  • Barcelona Marathon

    Running Every Year in March

    Barcelona Marathon - Running in Barcelona.
    Barcelona Camp Nou

    Carrer d’Arístides Maillol
    08028 Barcelona

    90 218 99 00

  • Berlin Marathon

    Running Every Year in Late September

    Berlin Marathon - Running in Berlin.
    Berlin Throughout the city
  • London Marathon

    Running Every Year in April

    London Marathon - Running in London.
    London Throughout the city
  • Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon

    Running Every Year in Late April

    Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon - Running in Madrid.
    Madrid Throughout the city
  • Munich Marathon

    Running / Sports Every year in October

    Munich Marathon  - Running | Sports in Munich.
    Munich Olympiapark

    Olympiapark Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21
    80809 Munich

    089 30670

  • Paris Marathon

    Running Every Year in April

    Paris Marathon - Running in Paris.
    Paris Throughout the city
  • Rome Marathon

    Running Every year in March

    Rome Marathon - Running in Rome.
    Rome Throughout the city
  • Venice Marathon

    Running Every Year in October

    Venice Marathon - Running in Venice.
    Venice Throughout the city
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