European Happy Hour Hoods to End Your Boredom


	Oude Zijds in Amsterdam

Oude Zijds in Amsterdam

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Mar 7, 2013 —  Let’s be honest for a minute and admit that most work is boring, no matter how much you love your job. All across Europe, white and blue-collar workers alike find themselves checking Facebook and Twitter in between making multi-million dollar financial deals or delivering packages to hundreds of doors around a bustling metropolis.

Luckily, employment induced boredom ends the second you begin your post-work crawl in a local neighborhood housing friendly pubs that boast budget-friendly happy hours.

White-collar daydreamers find welcome nightly amusement in hoods like The City of London, where boisterous designer jean-clad financiers flood upscale haunts such as The Anthologist in search of tasty – and swanky – afterhour cocktails.

Blue-collar daydreamers, meanwhile, discover end-of-day solace amongst regions similar to Oude Zijds in Amsterdam, where bars like De Buurvrouw play host to budget-conscious young hipsters and locals who don’t look to spend more than €6 on a mixed drink as they listen to Motown remixes and classic rock.

Regardless of what kind of collar you wear, there’s a nearby neighborhood ready for you with booze, bites, and bopping music when that five o’clock whistle blows. After a drink or two, the monotony of your workday will seem eons away.

  • Mitte


    Mitte, Berlin.
  • Poblenou


    Poblenou, Barcelona.
  • The City


    The City, London.
  • Oude Zijds


    Oude Zijds, Amsterdam.
  • Argüelles / Bilbao


    Argüelles / Bilbao, Madrid.
  • Isarvorstadt


    Isarvorstadt, Munich.
  • Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme


    Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme, Paris.
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