Eight Incredibly Cool Clubs in France


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Le Regine in Paris.

Le Regine in Paris.

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Aug 6, 2012 —  If the Moulin Rouge and Oscar Wilde’s rants about absinthe binges through bohemian Paris have taught us anything, it’s that the French are classy, but they still like to party. Sure, the preconceived visions of French nightlife may be toasting glasses of pinot noir under the Eiffel Tower or sipping mojitos along the French Riviera (all of which is highly recommended), but when the bars die down, a vibrant club scene keeps the country up all night.

Fueled by both local and international crowds, the clubs of France range in as many vibes and tastes as there are buttery baguettes in Paris. There are plenty of high-end venues serving the trendy and the affluent – this is the capital of fashion after all – but there’s also an abundance of laid back joints where hip youngsters rage to A-list DJs without judgment or a dollop of pretension.  

Whatever you’re into (party-wise, that is), we bet we’ve found a club that will tickle your fancy. Below are our picks for the coolest clubs in France, and remember, nothing beats a hangover like a hot croissant, a roasting cup of cappuccino, or a flute of champagne – as long as you throw some orange juice in it. 

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    Chez Régine


    Chez Régine - Club in Paris.

    49 Rue de Ponthieu
    75008 Paris

    01 43 59 21 13

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    Bar / Club / Live Music Venue / Restaurant

    Batofar - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Paris.

    13 Quai François Mauriac
    75013 Paris

    Restaurant: 01 53 60 17 00
    Bar: 09 71 25 50 61

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    Le Baron

    Bar / Club

    Le Baron - Bar | Club in Paris.

    6 Avenue Marceau
    75008 Paris

    01 47 20 04 01

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    Club Silencio


    Club Silencio - Club in Paris.

    142 Rue Montmartre
    75002 Paris

    01 40 13 12 32

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    Favela Chic

    Club / Restaurant

    Favela Chic - Club | Restaurant in Paris.

    18 Rue du Faubourg du Temple
    75011 Paris

    01 40 21 38 14

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    Le Tigre

    Club / Live Music Venue

	Photo taken by Fabio CABANA

    5 Rue Molière
    75001 Paris

    01 42 96 33 27

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    Palais - Club in French Riviera.
    French Riviera

    3 Boulevard de la Croisette
    06400 Cannes

    04 92 99 33 33

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    Le Village


    Le Village - Club in French Riviera.
    French Riviera

    1 Boulevard de la Pinède

    04 92 93 90 00

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Anonymous Aug 6, 2012
Anonymous Aug 6, 2012
I'll give twenty bucks to anyone who can find me that T-shirt
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