3 Reasons Your Vacation Cocktails are Making You Fat

3 Reasons Your Vacation Cocktails are Making You Fat


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Aug 10, 2015 —  Most of us work long and hard to shed a few pounds before a long awaited vacation, but despite expecting to gain weight with vacation treats, ever wondered why your waistline seems to be expanding so much?

If you’re a cocktail worshipper, this could be the reason, as this infographic reveals the real calorie content of your favorite cocktails.

Read on to find out exactly what’s making your favourite beverages so fattening.

The Mixers

Cocktails packed full of juice from concentrate contain more sugar and sweeteners; so if making yourself, opt for the fresh kind.

Similarly, frozen cocktails and pre-made mixers are loaded with sugar. In fact, a Margarita produced from a pre-made mix could double the calories of one made from scratch.

Unsurprisingly, cream is a calorie culprit. Pina Coladas and White Russians are full of the scrumptious, but incredibly naughty, mixer. If out and watching your weight, it’s best to avoid these altogether – since both weigh in between 400-650 calories. If making at home, substitute cream for low fat milk; flavoured, such as almond, work nicely too.

Already a fan of less fatty drinks, like rum and coke or gin and tonic? When out, it’s important to specify you want a diet mixer; failing to mention it can add an extra 100 calories to each drink!

The Glass

Hurricane glasses, the kind Long Island’s are often served in, are a recipe for additional calories. The sheer size of the glass allows extra room for more booze, juice and/or cream; all of which help pile on the pounds. Where possible, opt for a drink served in something shallower, like a Martini.

Fishbowls are to be avoided at all costs. The calories in a Margarita are tough to judge due to inconsistencies in the type of glass it is served in. If ordered in a fishbowl, however, (and with a pre-made mixer) you’re looking at close to 700 calories per drink!

The Booze

Many people – wrongly - believe a rocketing cocktail calorie count is predominantly the fault of the mixers. In reality, booze is as much to blame.

Generally, the boozier the beverage, the more fattening it’ll be. A Long Island, for example, ranks at the most calorific – exceeding 700 calories per glass –due to its excessive alcohol content; including tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec and gin.

Typically, you’ll find drinks containing more than one type of alcohol will rank higher – even more so if including tons of sugary mixers, like booze and juice based Zombie.

To keep the count down stick to one spirit and a diet mixer; (diet) ginger ale is good for an added kick.

So, it’s not just all-inclusive buffets and ice creams expanding your vacation tum, but your drinks too. To keep your bikini/Speedo bod in shape this summer, keep an eye on those calorific cocktails.

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