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Thanks to its major city port, restaurants in Amsterdam are a veritable melting pot – and not just because somebody was holding a lighter too close to their face.

Visitors to Amsterdam will find fare from just about every corner of the globe, from elegant and Victorian dining halls with five-star French cuisine to fun casual bistros along the canal as likely to dish out Mexican burritos as American burgers. There’s also a prevalence of Indonesian and Chinese restaurants, as well as a weird hybrid of both that most locals will tell you to avoid.

Dutch staples are obviously prominent, but for those tired of smoked sausages and boiled cabbage, there are a plethora of trendy restaurants and cool cafés that could give the haute cuisine of Paris and the brilliant pasta of Rome a run for their money.

Those on a budget should order up the dagschotel (plate of the day) off the dagmenu (menu of the day), or hit the ubiquitous “eetcafés” – basically brown bars with food – for, you guessed it, more sausage.

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