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Mellow Yellow


Mellow Yellow - Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
Wynand Fockink

Drinking Activity / Historic Bar / Tour

Wynand Fockink - Drinking Activity | Historic Bar | Tour in Amsterdam.
Hotel Arena

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Hotel Arena - Club | Hotel | Restaurant in Amsterdam.

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Oct 9, 2012 —  Although its reputation is more focused on the accessibility of an untethered nightlife and hedonistic legalized activities, Amsterdam is by and large one of the most charming cities in Europe. Essentially the Venice of Northern Europe, the highway of canals splicing through the five-hundred-year-old architecture is a sight in and of itself, and always evokes a sense of wonder in anyone wandering the streets of the city. The famed brown bars, Amsterdam's version of the quaint British pub, have been serving up caramel brews since the 1600s, and the always-friendly locals flock to the abundance of century-old parks scattered throughout when the weather warms.

Needless to say, a full day here encompasses a diverse range of can’t-miss activities and we at Party Earth have planned for you an ideal way to spend twenty-four hours in town, from the pleasantry of brunch to the rowdy cries of last call, with all things unique to Amsterdam in between.

First stop of the day is the totally bizarre but equally awesome Noorderlicht Café, a restaurant and bar housed in an airplane-hangar-shaped greenhouse. The botanic atmosphere is complemented by its location in an old shipyard transformed into a grassy field filled with esoteric scuptures and funky architecture. Located a short ferry ride from Centraal Station, a brunch at Noorderlicht Café is served with a side of free skyline views of the old city center from across the Ij River.

Once you’re full of hearty food and inspiration, take a stroll (and a bottle of wine) into Vondelpark, a whopping 120-acre green space dotted with lakes, fields, paths, and playgrounds. The park was designed in 1865 and has been a favorite gathering ground for locals looking for some sun ever since. If you are looking for company, the sprawling fields are packed with friendly young sunbathers, and if seclusion is what you’re after, simply meander deeper into the park and find your own secret patch of tranquility.

A quintessential day in Amsterdam just wouldn’t feel right without a trip to one of the city’s coffeeshops, but we are taking you to the oldest of them all. Mellow Yellow is imbedded in the town’s cultural history, and whether you want to try some of the potent strains of product or simply see what the Dam’s original coffeeshop culture was like, you won’t be disappointed here. The modern interior provides the laid back patrons with old school arcade games, foosball, and a billiards table – great entertainment, high or not.

After sampling some of Amsterdam’s herbal history, it’s time to start the night off with an authentic Dutch drinking experience at Wynand Fockink. This local liqueur distillery has been standing since 1679, serving up fancy little glasses of local liqueurs – from fruity to strong to bitter – to regulars and wandering travelers for centuries. But besides the rich history and the age-old framework, the real attraction to the place is how the servings are drunk. Instead of lifting them up to your mouth, you have to sip them from where they stand on the wooden bar. It may take a little bit of practice, but it only adds to the historical fun. 

Now that your night is officially kicking into high gear, it’s time to end it with a blowout, and Hotel Arena gives you every opportunity to succeed in that endeavor. The club is enormous and is housed in what was once a stunning chapel, the remnants of which can be seen in the tall renaissance murals still painted on the semi-circular dome. The heart of the chapel has been converted into a booming dance floor with stone pillars and archways throughout. For dance lovers, there are A-list DJs riling up the crowds from the multiple levels, and for those looking for some refreshment from the sweaty masses, there are also several bars to grab drinks from and cool off. Revelers should bear in mind that the club is only open on weekends, so make sure you plan your perfect day in Amsterdam around a Friday or Saturday.

What are your favorite spots in Amsterdam?

Paul F. Oct 9, 2012
Heineken Brewery tour. #1 on my list.
Samantha L. Oct 9, 2012
Particularly love the Saturday theme parties at Hotel Arena - Amazing Techno!
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