The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90

The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90 The Bulldog Coffeshop nr. 90, the city's first coffeeshop, is known as an ideal spot for an afternoon of hanging out in the historic Red Light District and sampling the variety of smoking options. Amsterdam Holland 52.373632 4.8977742
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The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90 - Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review The self-proclaimed "world's first coffeeshop," The Bulldog Coffeshop nr. 90 is an ideal spot for an afternoon of hanging out in the historic Red Light District and sampling the variety of smoking options. The building... ... read full review

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    Daily 8am–1am

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Party Earth The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90 Review

The Scene

The Bulldog Coffeshop nr. 90, the city's first coffeeshop, is known as an ideal spot for an afternoon of hanging out in the historic Red Light District and sampling the variety of smoking options.

The self-proclaimed "world's first coffeeshop," The Bulldog Coffeshop nr. 90 is an ideal spot for an afternoon of hanging out in the historic Red Light District and sampling the variety of smoking options.

The building’s façade – a chaotic mural of Amsterdam’s streets, colorful Red Light District figures, and bulldogs – leads patrons into a pleasant café environment perfect for lingering over a cup of coffee, playing a game of chess, or catching up on e-mails.

Paper currency dangles from the low wooden beams, while walls are decorated with old black-and-white photos of the Red Light District, former Bulldog-sponsored athletic teams, and dozens of posters and framed awards. Long cowhide booths occupy most of the limited space and provide a cozy retreat for visitors.

Downstairs, multiple TVs and comfy leather couches make the basement a popular spot for enjoying The Bulldog’s products and vegging out for a while, while in warm weather, guests often gather at the canal-side seating to relax in the sun. Whether inside or out, the helpful staff and laid-back patrons create a low-key but welcoming vibe.

The Bulldog’s location right in the thick of things in the Red Light District, its reputation for excellent products and service, and its mission to keep its classic 70s style intact attracts a diverse clientele of neighborhood regulars, trendy city dwellers, business people, and curious travelers intent on finding good products and getting a taste of what Amsterdam’s coffeeshop culture was like in its heyday.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you want to explore the Red Light District, take a right out the door and another right into the small alley next to the Bulldog. This is one of the narrowest paths in the district and is lined with red-lit windows and the women who occupy them.

  • Crowd

    Trendy locals and travelers, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Reggae, old rock, pop hits, and a variety of mellow music. Free Wi-Fi available, or patrons can use the computers with Internet connection in the back.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Snacks, chips, and chocolates.

  • Prices

    Smoking options €12+. Tostis €2.50, apple pie €2.50, chips/candy €1, special cakes €6. Coffee €2.50, tea €2, soda €2. Internet €1/10 minutes.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Anytime, though Saturday evenings are busiest.

  • Close By

    The Bulldog’s signature logo pops out from buildings almost the entire length of Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

    Though The Bulldog is most famous for its coffeeshop, the business also offers two souvenir shops, a café/bar, and a hostel. In addition, The Bulldog has coffeeshop locations at Leidseplein 15, Spuistraat 7, and Singel 12.

The Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90 User Reviews

Average rating:
Chilled with a good outside area
Gemma F. Jul 3, 2013
Really liked this place every time I've been. The inside is a little dark and gloomy, but is good for a smoke and a chill with friends after a few drinks! It is quite touristy and the bar staff can be a bit grumpy, so is maybe best avoided at the weekend if you can't be bothered with that typical Amsterdam visitor, but in the week I've found it pretty quiet and nice. And the bar staff's mood considerably improved. It's not only good for a smoke, the beers are moderately priced and the outside area overlooks the canal, which is fantastic in the early evening if you can put up with the hoards of rented canal booze cruises! In summary, it's everything you would expect from a popular coffee shop in the heart of the red light district, but if you pick the right times to go, then it's great.
Just for the novelty.
ashley j. Jun 19, 2013
While studying abroad in Paris I spent my Thanksgiving break in Amsterdam. There was a huge event going on in the city and so I went out with two other girls from school. One of them planned ahead of time on going to The Bulldog and so one night after walking around the red light district, we did. This place is a very popular coffee shop with tourist and it shows. The guy behind the counter was short with every customer. The other patrons reminded me of the scary movie Hostel and weird sex tourism. My vibe was completely shattered and my only defense mechanism was to sit quietly and not talk to strangers. I went back to my Hostel, The Flying Pig, which was a much better time. I met up with a couple friends in the lobby and we had some drinks in the Hostel's bar, before going on with the night. I would only recommend going into this place for the novelty of saying you went into one of the more famous coffee shops. Other than that I'd try to find local places where you can relax and meet tolerable people...even have a couple snacks
Amster M. Dec 12, 2012
Bulldog is a chain coffeeshop/souvenir shop/smart shop/who knows what else that's all over a strip in the Red Light and at Leidseplein. Beware of tourist prices on everything, horrible weed, and grumpy bar workers. I don't know what to say about this place, it seems like the really ride the tourist wave to the fullest extent. It's NOT the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam, although they claim to be. They're good at business, and that's that. I'd say pass by it because the front facade is groovy and unique. But if you do go in there, order a coffee and bring your own weed to roll... that SHOULD be okay.
Gross and mean, no thank you
Craig B. Dec 10, 2012
I had high hopes for this place what with all the foot traffic it seems to get, but it didn't even live up to the lowest expectations. The decor is promising, but upon entering I found myself in a truly foul smelling and unfriendly place. There are other Bulldog shops that are cleaner, less crowded, and have decent people working there, but I cannot recommend this one. Also, the bathrooms are single user and have no toilet seats. Imagine a crowded venue where everyone is high and using the same yeah, there's that. A few doors down are a cafe and a smart shop, both also Bulldog-owned, but you're unfortunately going to get pretty much the same experience there. The tip from Jonah above is right on though: that tiny alleyway is what the Red Light District is all about and you have to check it out, even if only once.
No No No
Colin J. Dec 5, 2012
I was with a bunch of friends and we decided to have a drink and smoke in the Ness. Noone had any weed, so as the only person with a bike, I rode to the nearest coffee shop. That coffee shop was unfortunately the Bulldog. After being I'D'd on the door, i waited at the bar until the 3 people 'working' there finished their conversation and gave me eye contact. I said can I buy some weed, they sniffed 'Downstairs' so with a guitar on my back, I huddled down the cramped winding stairs and found the weed counter. My friend had only given me 10 euroes for some hash, and alls they sold was 12.50 bags. I had a 1 euro coin, a 50 cent and some 10s and 20s. They guy at the counter refused to take any small change and was very sure that I had 'real' money in my pocket. 'Yes you have, it's in your wallet' he kept saying. Puzzled that he knew the contents of my pocket more than me, I said it's all money mate. He refused to take the 50 cent and lower coins and I had to ask a group of tourists if they could give me a euro coin for it. I will never go back to this place. EVER!
Touristy but worth a visit!
Jody P. Dec 3, 2012
In my opinion, you can't go to Amsterdam and not at least pop your head into the Bulldog. The Bulldog No. 90 is recognized as having been the first coffee shop in Amsterdam in the mid-70's. It is unmissable from the street due to its eclectic paint job and has a bit more tame decor inside. It is really touristy because of its reputation as the first coffee shop, but that never puts me off. I enjoyed going there and seeing this small part of history. This is the kind of place that is a must-see, but you don't really need to spend much time here. Just look around, have a quick drink, and head out on your way. You'll be glad you did.
Too Touristy
Gabe L. Aug 7, 2012
The Bulldog is the most "mainstream" of the coffeeshops I visited. The place is full almost entirely of tourists and their products are far more expensive than at other places. They even have a giftshop which I found surprising. The environment is a little hectic for my taste, and I much preferred the hidden coffeeshops that were more of a local scene.
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