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Cannabis for Nightlife


A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right Cannabis for a Night on the Town

Cannabis for Nightlife

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Apr 21, 2017 —  Many people usually associate cannabis with spending an unperturbed night at home. This idea is based mostly on the stereotype that is supported for many years now from the propaganda of the recently concluded the “War on Drugs”. The reality is that there are so many different kinds of high you can get from cannabis that there is at least one for every mood. Cannabis can be active and is capable of boosting your batteries, elevate your mood, packing you full of euphoric bliss in case you want to go out and have fun.

In recent times, many famous musicians and artists popularized cannabis consumption with a party culture usually controlled by alcohol. Beach parties, house parties, all night clubbing - just search online for the right buds that would make you feel and do everything better. With more distinct ways of marijuana consumption (e.g. edibles, vapes), bringing the cannabis experience into the nightlife scene is getting more popular.

Cannabis is superb for a party scene! As a matter of fact, you can boost your social enjoyment even more by sharing a puff or two of carefully-selected cannabis. The ability to curb anxiety is one of the most famous abilities of cannabis. Cannabis can help keep you chatty when you attend social gatherings filled with adventurous spirit.

Sativas are usually the most appropriate strains for socializing hybrids – a happy sativa is a brilliant choice for a long night out. Many such hybrids feature fruity flavors and an uplifting longlasting high. As for the little details, you would definitely want a lively, cerebral strain to sustain you through the night without making you sleep off or get weighed down. The strong saliva linage in this strain produces motivating and creative effects, making for some interesting conversations with old friends as well as new ones.

For example Super Silver Haze is for many years now and remains one of the most popular strains for some reason. This hybrid generates uplifting and happy moods while also giving its users a chill body buzz. Super silver haze strain of cannabis would be one of the most dominant sativa strains one can smoke in a social gathering. A joint of sativa is always a nice mood setter. Amnesia is a classic sativa that has high THC content which can produce strong psychotropic effects. Jack Herer is another famous creative but more clear-headed sativa. Quite similar but with a nicer (lemon) taste is a Lemon Haze. Many people prefer smoking small sativa joints before going to club. It helps them to fully enjoy music and connect with the dancing crowd.

There is a whole industry behind cannabis and you can always use a vaporizer to consume and enjoy your cannabis. Vaping is one healthier option than smoking and there are many other choices you will find while shopping in Amsterdam souvenirs-like shops. You’ll most definitely find a right model that suits your taste. You might not even smoke if you don’t want to as you can find edible highs (special cakes, special brownies) in many of the “coffeeshops”. Extreme care is required though as you don’t want to get spaced out while eating these sweets.

And as the sativa can really get you high, many people slowly mix some indica strain in there until they get the right blend and just chill as the night goes on.

In conclusion, cannabis has become increasingly a part of partying and nightlife and you have many options from which to choose. With the right knowledge you can help turn you night into an amazing party.

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